Worship service update and guidelines

Dear church,

As we enter into another month with our lives altered by pandemic and quarantine, let's not forget that Jesus is reigning over all. He's promised to take these trials and troublesome times and to work them together for the good of His people. Even if we can't see how it's happening, we know that He's being faithful to His word!  

We continue to follow our state government's mandates to limit our gatherings to 25% capacity of our building's occupancy load. That means that we'll continue to alternate which half of the congregation can be present in the building each Sunday based upon the following schedule. If it's not your turn to be present in the building, we hope that you'll still worship with us via Facebook live.


Here's the schedule for those who would like to return to our in-person service:

  • Sunday, July 5 - Last name starting with A thru L.
  • Sunday, July 12 - Last name starting with M thru Z.
  • Sunday, July 19 - Last name starting with A thru L.
  • Sunday, July 26 - ALL CHURCH GATHERING at El Porvenir Christian Camp

Not everyone may feel ready to start gathering with others just yet. For some, it may not be a good idea. If you have existing health issues or a compromised immune system, I would encourage you to continue to worship with us virtually from home. There's no need to feel bad about that. We love you and want you to stay healthy! 


As you consider participating in one of the above services, please look over the guidelines that we will be following. If you're unable to follow these, or uncomfortable with them, then I would encourage you to continue to worship with us from home. Hopefully, these mandated guidelines will loosen as it becomes safer for people to function more normally. Until then, here's the rules we'll be following:

  • Service will be shortened to 1 hr. in length.
  • Only the sanctuary and bathrooms will be accessible. No food or drink service, Nursery or Children's Ministry access.
  • Sanctuary chairs are arranged so that families/couples can sit together as a "unit." We are asking all "units" and/or individuals to be socially distanced (6 ft).
  • All who attend will be required to wear face masks (ages 5 and up) for the duration of the service. Please bring your own face mask.
  • The music portions of our worship service will be limited; we encourage you to sing in your heart as loud as you desire, but please limit your vocal singing.
  • There will be no Children's Ministry offered, but we will make available "worship bags" with biblical materials to encourage children up to 10 years old. All children must sit with their family.
  • We have multiple hand sanitizer stations in place and encourage their use. 

These are truly challenging times to be living in! Do our hearts break over the sin-sick world and brokenness that we see in us and around us? Absolutely! But that's what makes us so thankful for our gracious and sin-conquering Savior, Jesus Christ! Through faith in Him we have been born again to a living hope. We've been redeemed for a purpose - to know Him and make Him known by the love we show to one another until the day of His return. Even so, our hearts cry out, "Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

You are greatly loved and deeply missed!

Pastor Daniel